Main Town,
Thimphu Bhutan

Bhutan at Glance

Total Area: 38,394 square kilometers (about 300km long and 150km wide)
Location: Landlocked between China (Tibet) and India
Altitude: 100m above sea level in the South to over 7,500 m. above sea level in the North.
Population: 745,153 (2014) : 387,520male and 357,633 female.
Language: Originally spoken only in western Bhutan, Dzongkha is now the national language. English is widely spoken in main towns and it is the medium of education in secular schools while Choekey, classicalDzongkha is used in traditional and monastic schools. Local people are also familiar with Hindi and Nepali.
Political System: Democratic Constitutional Monarchy
State Religion: Drukpa sect of Kargyupa, a branch of Mahayana Buddhism.
Capital: Thimphu
Time: 6 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+6) and half an hour ahead of Indian Standard Time (IST)
Terrain: It can be divided into three major geographic regions from North to South; the high Himalayas of North, the hills and valleys of the central and the foothills and plains of the South.
Longitude: 26 45’ – 28 15’ North
Country code: 975

National Tree: Cypress
National Flower: Blue Poppy
National Bird: Raven
National Sports: Archery
National Animal: Takin